Journey To SOHO - Fall Collection

“THAT GIRL”, is what I said as I looked up and caught a glimpse of the sunlight brightening the perfect highlight on her cheeks. Tall, elegant, bold, and certainly not afraid of being a trendsetter. Her heels clacking on the concrete floors of Soho, New York, as she makes her way to a cozy coffee shop. She smiles at the waitress. Laptop open, coffee in hand, she’s ready for business. Her poise expresses both dignity and grace. The crisp air brought along her scent to anyone within her radar. Confident and inspiring, I thought. She’s definitely an insider.”
We’ve all been there (even if metaphorically speaking) - a breezy Autumn day in the city of dreams, the smell of leather and the morning taste of a hot coffee. You take a look around, and the opportunities seem endless. That is what’s special about this city, and the exact reason we chose this location for our shoot. 
As we embrace the season, we are also bringing with it a new cycle of life. Transitioning into a fresh breath of confidence. Our collection represents just THAT. As we mature in spirit, let us also reflect it from the inside out. This Fall is all about the deeper tones, leather, and fuzzy accessories. I’m getting THAT GIRL vibes already.